One day I read an article titled “On beauty”. It stated that people who love art, creation and design are prone to feel a little embarrassed by their interests. Indeed, there are so many more serious subjects around than the appearance of things. And it made me think: Does it really matter what a painting, a lamp or a scarf feels and looks like? Answer: Yes it does. Truth is we need beauty not as some sort of luxury, but as an essential part of our sense of wellbeing.

I believe in unique skills and individuals, craftsmanship, raw materials guided by strong human values and authenticity. Anything that you can see, touch, feel and that will create an emotion that will tell you: this is just right. Simple and right. It is a rather humble philosophy: I believe that the harmony, the subtle delicateness and aesthetics that surround us, the objects that we touch and use every day, have an unnoticed impact on our lives, our choices, our thoughts. I believe that grace and beauty make people better.




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