What is luxury?

If you have the chance, try and view the latest exhibition at the V&A Museum in London. It is entitled “What is luxury?”. It is indeed a very good question, as this word has been used for so many things that it has become meaningless. Luxury definitely involves the mastery of a craft . But it goes further than that. Lately, we have seen so many brands putting forward a “brand heritage” to gain some legitimacy but in a way that sounds a bit dusty and lacks authenticity. Yet innovation and consistency are key to luxury.


I like the way this exhibition interrogates  the concept of luxury itself through different prisms always putting forward the mastery of a craft. And I quote: “Mastery of a craft and exceptional expertise are demonstrated by outstanding precision, attention to detail and remarkable finishes. Such quality is achieved by challenging and broadening established standards of craftsmanship and accepted categories of design. The resulting work combines high levels of innovation with a respect for craft traditions.” This very much sound to me like luxury – if we put away the thought that sometime quietness and space can become true luxury in itself. I found this exhibition very interesting as it truly broadens the reflection.



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