Kamihimo and creative ceiling lights.

Washi paper is used in Japan since the 16th century as wrapping paper as well as material for writings and paints as it is very strong and does not easily tear. Though very hard-wearing, it is also very delicate and subtle which makes it a very interesting material.

Kamihimo are long strings made out of this washi paper.

Sandra Clodion, a French artisan trained in upholstery, discovered kamihimo during Maison&Objets in 2008. She was looking for raw material to use as chair straps. Led by her creative talent, she started to use this material for other purposes and ended up creating gracious and unusual lights.

She sources her material directly from Japan, where it is produced ecologically. All her kamihimo are biodegradable.

Sandra Clodion has recently been nominated by the “Centre du Luxe et de la Création” in Paris to be the “elegance talent”.

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