I found myself moving about once a year since many years for various reasons. Most of them very sound and reasonable, such as moving to another country because of a new job, or moving in with someone, or needing a larger space for the kids. But to be entirely honest, the main reason explaining all these changes is that I like to see and find new places and imagine how a new space can be arranged. It is a endless process. I must confess, I am somehow a nomad. And I believe it has become quite common to move around a lot, as people nowadays have less static and stable lives.

Although I love changing environment, I do love my furniture as well, and I love to keep it around with me. Hence the idea of adjustable furniture, which I call “modulable”. I no longer buy anything unless it is something that can be adjusted to a new environment and as time go by, I thought I would dedicate a category on my blog to it. Here are a few examples of modulables.

The Fusion Sofa, designed by the Japanese Nendo for BO Concept. The cushions can be freely arranged in various ways so that this sofa can be placed either in the middle of a room where it can be used from both sides, or against a wall as a more traditional sofa.


Nendo Design for Bo Concept





In the same state of mind, I very much like the Prado Sofa designed by Christian Werner for Ligne Roset. It was presented at the M&O in Paris this year and besides being sleek and well designed, it is also extremely comfortable (according to my very demanding back).

PRADO_450x500px_02 (1)









Of course there is the well know Stacked Shelve System from MUUTO. It can be used as a dividing wall. Or as regular shelves which can be adjusted to any room dimension. Or separately on a wall. Well. Simple is always nice isn’t it?

Muuto Stacked image 2 muuto-stacked-1















Well these are just a few examples of furniture with a modular edge that makes it particularly interesting to me and perhaps to any other nomad who loves their furniture as much as they love to changes flats, places, and cities… Hope you will enjoy this new section.

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