Design and Philosophy. Unto this last.

Unto this last is originally an essay on economy published in 1860 by John Ruskin. Broadly speaking, Ruskin advocates for the importance of moral values in the economy and criticises the industrial revolution. Although published in the 19th century, this essay sounds quite contemporary in some respects as it shows concerns about the impact of the industrialisation process on our footprint and promotes the return to local craftsmanship.

Unto this last is also a shop in East London. Well, more than a shop. It is a proper workshop next to a display area. Every piece you see is made on site. When entering the space, you can see the workshop at the back through big plexi transparent panels. All parts of the products are made out of special birch ply composite so that they do not depend on industrial fittings. And yet, because Unto this last works on a concept that lower costs (for example by reducing the waste thanks to their design process and by not having stock, i.e. not having to pay for a big warehouse and transportation), their products are affordable. Good clever design, human sized production, local craftsmanship and affordable price. What else?

Here is the shop

& some of my favourites pieces…

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