Sit back and relax. Or not.

The Hummingbird chair. By Dana Cannam Design.

The Hummingbird chair has been designed by Dana Cannam -a multidisciplinary studio, specializing in exploring the relationship between craft and technology – in collaboration with Studio Agata Karolina. As they put it, the Hummingbird chair is a “contemporary take on a classic rocking chair. Through an ergonomic study of office seating and traditional rockers, Hummingbird facilitates both work and relaxation.”

I must admit that what caught my interest here is the concept really. In fact, I quite like the feeling of mixing work and relaxation. Do not the best ideas arrive when you let your mind wander? And where best to let your mind wander than in a rocking chair? And when inspiration strikes, you are back on your desk in twinkling of an eye, ready to put it on paper before it goes away again.

This chair will give a warm and relax feeling to any working space so I find it ideal if your desk is part of your living space.

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